Monday, November 1, 2010

Something Intriguing About Balls

Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body.
But rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy Shit...What a ride!"

This past weekend was completely... (insert synonym) AMAZING! This weekend will probably always be in my life's top 5 weekends of all time!! I spent all week working on my costume, and I can't believe it turned into such an EPIC costume.

I'm in them middle if you didn't guess... Ryan's Playplace

My rules & regulations (the sign on front) were the following...
        • Only females over 18yrs old are allowed
        • Must be under 6 ft tall
        • No shoes allowed in the ball pit
        • Shirts and other clothing optional
        • Hands ARE allowed in the ball pit

Friday night went to a party with some friends where it was very difficult to move around the house, but I still managed. Moving around wasn't the worst part about the costume... going to the bathroom was! I would have pull the box as high as a could, while at the same time try to pull/push my boys out the bottom of the box through an elastic whole, while trying not to lose any balls. Not an easy task by any means. Friday was not too bad since I would just go outside into some bushes and as long as I was not peeing on myself, I was good.

I knew people would think my costume was funny, but I didn't expect women to flock to it the way they did. Every girl I met wanted to "Play with my balls". Absolutely hilarious! Friday was only a glimpse of what Saturday night was about to become.

I was invited to a couple parties, including a couple from girls I met Friday night. I vowed I wasn't going to the bars downtown after last year's experience. It was just utter chaos! I started at a party in the downtown area, where the folks there all decided they were going to the bars. Well, I called my other party options, and sure enough they were all going to the bars as well. I figured what the hell. I sucked it up, grabbed my wallet and joined the crowds. Best decision I made all weekend! Once at the bars, the women flocked to me once and wanted picture after picture. Wish I knew all the facebooks I am now on.

My best friend and I started to notice that people were randomly stealing my balls, so I decided to use this to my advantage. I grabbed a sharpie marker and started writing my name and number on the balls. Some were stolen out, some I gave out. But either way, it was genius! At one point a women approached me and asked what the maker was for. I told her that I wasn't carrying my phone do to not having pockets, and that the only way for me to get her number was for her to write it down on a ball. SHE DID! Again... GREAT IDEA!

I often end a weekend looking back and wondering how I could have made it better or more successful. Today I can only wonder how I will ever live up to this weekend ever again.

The only other thing I have to wonder about, is related to the rules of dating. I managed to add 5 new numbers to my phone. Now begins the game of.. "How soon do i call" "Should I text, or should I call" "How soon do I ask her to hang out again" Perhaps you will hear of those stories later in the week.

Hope y'all had amazing weekends also!! HAPPY MONDAY!!


  1. First of all, I got a little lost in all your balls in this story :-) and second, I'm pretty impressed that your weekend cane and went without juicy details. or is that for later too?


  2. Haha, there is a lot of ball talk in there Jess. And unfortunately, as big of a success as my costume was, I have no juicy details for you. New numbers are the only details I have. Whether those lead to some juicy details... we'll just have to wait and see.

  3. This is fantastic. Playing with balls is always a good idea :).